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May 03, 2022 00:46:29
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Episode 77 - Jill Holmes

In this throwback episode from a live Story Night in 2016, Jill shares her story of health struggles, a marriage in crisis, and adopting her children.  She then joins us for an update on the past 6 years of her life.  Whether our journey brings us or our loved ones into a wilderness season, God calls us to surrender and trust Him because the wilderness is never too much for Him to handle. ...



March 28, 2022 00:55:44
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Episode 76 - Camille Eide

Camille can be seen in an episode of a beloved Hallmark show, but her real life has not followed the traditional Hallmark script.  As a teenager, she had already experienced sexual abuse, addiction, bullies, and a broken home.  Yet that was exactly the point when God answered her "test" and her journey took a turn. Featuring a musical performance by Leslie Page, guest on episodes 19 and 20. Camille's Books: Author Website: Goodreads:   Faith blog: Along the Banks:   Social: Twitter: FB Page: FB - Personal: Instagram: ...



March 25, 2022 00:33:33
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Episode 75 - Krista Frohling

In this throwback episode, Krista shares her story at a live event at SBCC in 2014.  Her story is one with both rough edges and smooth curves.  Though some of the edges were exceedingly rough (abuse, infertility, grief), Krista can still confidently say that God is good. ...



March 13, 2022 00:50:29
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Episode 74 - Chara Donahue

Chara was physically and emotionally bruised when she found Jesus in a new and real way.  The Lord gave her a new life and new marriage, but she still had to walk through a fire.  Chara now offers Biblical counseling to those in need. Links mentioned in the episode: R3stored: Anchored Voices: The Bible Never Said That:   ...



March 03, 2022 00:56:06
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Episode 73 - Robin

Robin was a military wife and mother of 9 when a knock on her door changed everything.  After losing her husband to suicide, she wrestled with both total anger with, and total dependence on, God.  She had to decide whether she was going to walk with Jesus or not. For young widows with children at home, these retreats are amazing for helping in the grief and healing: ...



February 14, 2022 01:07:39
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Episode 72 - Amanda Boulton

From the Sarah's Laughter podcast, Amanda shares her story of becoming a stepmom, suffering multiple miscarriages, and being rescued from a flood.  Whether facing overwhelming grief or rising waters, God never let her drown. ...