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The Story Night Podcast is a branch of the Story Night Ministry where women can find encouragement and hope within the stories that we have to share. We all have a story. Our stories include triumphs and trials, joy and grief, and most of all, hope. Each episode features one woman's story, shared with love, to let the listeners know that they are not alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 50 - Cayla Bell (Part 2)

    In the second part of her story, Cayla shares about the power of redemption as the Lord led her from paralysis, literally and figuratively, to purpose.  Through a series of trials, God taught her that it's better to be with Him in the trenches than alone on the mountaintop.  Cayla ...


  2. Episode 49 - Cayla Bell (Part 1)

    Cayla's story is one of searching for value and self worth.  Grief and trauma from her childhood and teen years turned her away from God and headed down a path of promiscuity and depression.  But God called her out of the grave and soon after, a turning point came during ...


  3. Episode 48 - Sherri Martinelli

    Sherri shares her story of availability and obedience to the Lord, as He led her from state to state, from wallflower to model, and from encyclopedia salesgirl to radio host and published author.  Now a wife, mother, and grandmother, Sherri's ministry continues to serve women, teens, and moms around the ...


  4. Episode 47 - Melanie Woods

    Melanie, an Air Force wife and mother, shares her story of God's dependability as she experienced both trauma and triumph through several pregnancies and multiple hospitalizations.  But "not for a moment was [she] forsaken." Featuring a special musical performance by Leslie Page, who shared her story in a 2-parter in episodes ...


  5. Episode 46 - Lee Scales

    Lee shares a story of hope and healing after lifestyle choices in her younger years led her to an unplanned pregnancy.  Now a wife, mother, and grandmother, Lee looks back and shares about the grace and forgiveness from Christ that helped her heal after having an abortion. For Yamhill County locals ...