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The Story Night Podcast is a branch of the Story Night Ministry where women can find encouragement and hope within the stories that we have to share. We all have a story. Our stories include triumphs and trials, joy and grief, and most of all, hope. Each episode features one woman's story, shared with love, to let the listeners know that they are not alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 40 - Cassie

    In this throwback episode, Cassie shares about her father's struggle with mental illness and how God has been healing her heart since his suicide.  There is no heartache too big for God to handle and He offers hope in every situation.   If you or someone you know is struggling with mental ...


  2. Episode 39 - Jill Dixon

    In this throwback episode, Jill shares her story of when the mountains came crashing down in her life as she faced her mom's cancer, her own Crohn's disease, and what seemed to be the end of her teaching career.  Eight years later, she shares how God didn't answer her prayers ...


  3. Episode 38 - Janna Fornelli

    Janna shares her story of waiting... waiting for security, waiting for a friend, waiting for a husband, waiting for children.  Though the stage was set for her heart to grow jealous, Janna prayed against becoming embittered. God protected her heart, and when His timing came, the flood of His blessings ...


  4. Episode 37 - Dawn Smith

    Dawn shares her story of finding belonging.  From childhood frustrations to teenage bullies to motherhood struggles, Dawn consistently listened for and heard from God.  As she learned, throughout the changes of life, Jesus never fails and He doesn't always come in the package we expect, but He always arrives just ...


  5. Episode 36 - Kathy Sheldon Davis

    Kathy, a guest author at CalvaryMac's Christian Writing Group, shares her story in a unique way... by describing the dolls she owned throughout her life and what God taught her in each season.  The lessons prepared her for everything from a trip to India to a calling to ...