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The Story Night Podcast is a branch of the Story Night Ministry where women can find encouragement and hope within the stories that we have to share. We all have a story. Our stories include triumphs and trials, joy and grief, and most of all, hope. Each episode features one woman's story, shared with love, to let the listeners know that they are not alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 25 - Pat Tippens

    Pat Tippens shares her story at the first Outdoor Story Night event at CalvaryMac.  Hers is a story of redemption, as she left a life of drugs, alcohol, and abuse, to find the love of Jesus in her Father's House.  From miscarriage to divorce to the loss of her parents, ...


  2. Episode 24 - Cheri Swanson

    Cheri's life began with little hope of health.  As a young girl, she changed her trajectory and eventually found her way into a passionate career of nutrition counseling.  From her early days, to her career, to her marriage to a Vietnam Vet, to her path to motherhood, Cheri has always ...


  3. Episode 23 - Jaime Happ

    On November 8, 2018, Jaime's beautiful world was changed forever.  Yet despite losing just about everything, she can genuinely say that Jesus was all she needed.  Her story is a reminder that true hope is found in God alone, even through the fire.   *Featuring the musical talents of McKenna Carlson and ...


  4. Episode 22 - Ashley Brown

    Ashley shares her story of being adopted, serving in Honduras, facing social anxiety, and finding purpose in leadership as she and her husband minister to young adults.  Over and over, she saw God's faithfulness and embraced being His "canvas and clay." For more information on ReThink's ministry and podcast, please visit  ...


  5. Episode 21 - Amy Yates

    In a throwback episode, Amy Yates shares her story of trials and triumphs as she journeyed through health challenges for both herself and her daughter.  As Amy grieved the loss of her oldest child, she found a way to lean into God and get back up again.  Her promotional video ...