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The Story Night Podcast is a branch of the Story Night Ministry where women can find encouragement and hope within the stories that we have to share. We all have a story. Our stories include triumphs and trials, joy and grief, and most of all, hope. Each episode features one woman's story, shared with love, to let the listeners know that they are not alone.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 15 - Monique Godfrey

    Belonging.  Significance.  These are just a couple key words in Monique's story as she journeyed from CA to OR to NC.  At one point it seemed she had it all: family, ministry, success.  Yet it felt like something was missing.  Monique shares about her purpose as a biological, adoptive, and ...


  2. Episode 14 - Karly Knauss

    Meet our youngest Story Night guest!  Karly is a young Christian woman who has experienced a lot of grief from three tragic deaths of loved ones, including her father.  The support she received from others reminds us all of the importance of encouraging and mentoring those in our own lives.  ...


  3. Episode 13 - Judy

    Judy was once kidnapped during the Civil War in El Salvador.  In America, she came face to face with culture shock, a near abduction, and getting kicked to the streets.  If that isn't enough, she experienced trials with her marriage, pregnancy, children, and health.  How can Judy be so full ...


  4. Episode 12 - Allie Marie Smith

    Allie Marie Smith, the founder and director of Wonderfully Made, offers insight into the invisible world of mental health as she shares her story of clinical depression that surfaced in her preteen years. God showed up powerfully in each of her darkest hours, inviting her to find her worth and ...


  5. Episode 11 - Lesley Miller

    In a special "throwback" episode, listeners get to hear Lesley Miller's story at a live Santa Barbara Story Night event in 2018.  Lesley then joins Jessica on the podcast to update her story.  As both a wife and mother of cancer survivors, Lesley shares of a very raw and real ...