Episode 100 - Ashley Sears

Episode 100 April 20, 2023 01:04:28
Episode 100 - Ashley Sears
Story Night Podcast
Episode 100 - Ashley Sears

Apr 20 2023 | 01:04:28


Show Notes

From the moment of her conception to her journey as a wife and mother, Ashley's story has not turned out as she imagined.  She experienced sexual assault, stalking, and a surprise pregnancy all before returning to a walk with the Lord.  In her mid-twenties, it would have seemed like the season of suffering was over, but then a new trial surfaced.  God used her story mightily and Ashley is now the founder of a ministry called Stories Unveiled where women find purpose in their stories and live in freedom from their pasts.
For more from Ashley, visit: 
Stories Unveiled website: https://www.storiesunveiledconference.com/
Instagram handle: storiesunveiled_
FB handle: Stories Unveiled 
Podcast link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2H0CE9xeHMZuiUXEidpFBJ?si=h_IQY-3kR0KjgFza7cRiwQ&dd=1
For more on Pure Desire, visit https://puredesire.org

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