Episode 46 - Lee Scales

Episode 46 April 03, 2021 00:31:55
Episode 46 - Lee Scales
Story Night Podcast
Episode 46 - Lee Scales

Apr 03 2021 | 00:31:55


Show Notes

Lee shares a story of hope and healing after lifestyle choices in her younger years led her to an unplanned pregnancy.  Now a wife, mother, and grandmother, Lee looks back and shares about the grace and forgiveness from Christ that helped her heal after having an abortion.

For Yamhill County locals facing an unplanned pregnancy, Vine Medical can help. Visit https://vinemedical.org/ for more info.

Additionally, no matter where you live, there are free, confidential services available:

You are not alone. Connect with caring, confidential professionals to get all of your options.

For women who have already had an abortion, there are post-abortive recovery resources from many wonderful organizations such as Focus on the Family:


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